București, România

Part of the American company OPIS (Oil Price Information Service), OPISNAVX ROMANIA is a cloud-based content provider and aggregator dedicated to the connected car.
We serve the Automotive industry and have established long term partnerships with most of the key players in the value chain of the Connected Car: auto manufacturers, OEMs, navigation software companies, connectivity platforms, mobile operators.

OPIS, based in USA, provides real-time and historical spot, wholesale/rack and retail fuel prices for the refined products, renewable fuels, and natural gas and gas liquids (LPG) industries. In addition, OPIS delivers exclusive news and insightful analysis on the upstream, midstream and downstream oil markets.
OPIS is comprised of more than 50 information specialists, including the most experienced editors in the business, combining over 200 years of industry experience. Our editors not only cover the market, and report breaking stories –- but also provide inside analysis on what the trends mean and how they could affect prices and purchasing decisions. They are joined by customer service, sales, marketing, information technology and conference specialists, who strive to provide quality products, services and service to our customers.
Our client list includes the top 200 oil companies, thousands of distributors, traders, government and commercial buyers of petroleum products.

Within a friendly working environment in our offices worldwide, we embrace both excellent professionals in development, system administration or content processing, as well as young talented people, willing to learn and oriented towards career development.

7 Reasons to Work with us:

1. Professional stature

You’ll join an organization that’s one of the world’s leading business information providers. You’ll be working side-by-side with experts who are recognized leaders in their fields.

2. Design your career path

Professional growth is critical to the success of our company. Your president or supervisor will give you the resources and training and development to help you continue to grow in your role or a new role that plays to your strengths. You will be tapped to jump into lots of challenging projects and you will be expected to take personal responsibility to help carve out your career in our company.


Business plans and budgets won’t tie you down. If you have a suggestion for a new way of working … an approach that enhances the value of our products … or an idea for a new service, go for it. Our companies retain the best attributes of small businesses. They are nimble, fast-moving and open to your ideas.

n the cutting edge

You’ll be in the forefront of business information services. Our company create content and deliver products and services through a variety of channels and devices.

5. Strategic thinking

Our companies seek out and reward strategic thinkers-innovators who have talent, industry-experience, and boldness to help increase productivity, hike revenues, and stay ahead of the competition.

6. Collaborative

The president of the company, managers in the business units and your colleagues are always available to exchange ideas and serve as sounding board and collaborator.

7. Focus on quality

Whatever your position or role, you will find that our company demands the highest quality work product and performance, and they will reward you for meeting and exceeding their high standards.