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1000 - 2000 €

FUN labs is seeking talented, passionate and creative individuals to fill the Programmer positions for our next projects, using cutting-edge technology and award winning video game engines.

Company Info: Longtime partner of Activision, for 16 years, partnered with Telltale Games for 3 multiplaform titles, one of which being Walking Dead Collection, currently working with 505 Games, FUN labs has been extremely active in the game development industry since 1999, having released more than 50 titles on all major gaming consoles, from PS2 to current-gen platforms like Sony PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Xbox One.

Job Title: C++ Programmer (Intermediate to Senior)

Reports to: Department Lead Division/Department: Game Programming and Technology

Main Function: Implements gameplay features and algorithms; efficiently uses the game engine features

Main Working Relationships:

  • Work with programmers, designers, artists and other team members in order to implement assigned tasks
  • Work with the QA team to fix bugs

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Development for platforms like Playstation, Xbox One or Windows PC (DirectXut not limited to these.
  • Collaborate with team members to design, implement, and maintain game code bases.
  • Work with the design team to find creative solutions and innovative ways to meet and exceed design goals.
  • Thoroughly test and coordinate with other departments to ensure successful deployment of new features and code changes.
  • Evaluate game code for performance bottlenecks and work pro-actively to find efficient solutions.
  • Work with Leads on scheduling, tasks, dependencies; attend meetings for planning and updates.

Required Qualifications and Abilities:

  • Fluency in C/C++
  • Strong knowledge of 3D math.
  • Strong knowledge of algorithms and data structures.
  • Result-oriented, self-motivated, fast learner, resourceful problem-solver.
  • Ability to realistically estimate the time required to complete their tasks.
  • Ability to complete assigned tasks in a timely fashion with a high degree of quality.
  • Ability to work in a highly collaborative team environment.
  • Good knowledge of the English language (written and spoken).

Appreciated skills and experience (one or more):

  • Knowledge of industry's standard video game engines (Unreal Engine, Unity or CryEngine/Lumberyard).
  • Experience with Microsoft Visual Studio development environment.
  • Experience of managed languages such as C#
  • Knowledge of a scripting language (LUA or Python).
  • A degree in Computer Science or equivalent experience.
  • Knowledge of Direct3D, OpenGL, HLSL or GLSL.
  • Prior experience with understanding, maintaining and debugging large code bases.
  • Knowledge of software design patterns.
  • Knowledge of memory management, multi-threading, multi-player, cross-platform development.
  • Knowledge of low-level optimizations.
  • A demo project that can prove your experience as a programmer would also be highly appreciated.

Salary: Negotiated during the job interview.