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Who are we?

We are the future of sports management. The Uber of sports if you’d like. That is at least what we would like to think. For real!

ActiVFiX was born from the desire to help people exercise more regularly and efficiently, in a sport of their choice, alongside others, be it teammates, opponents or personal trainers. We are the one-stop-shop for connecting people in the realm of sports, with plans to branch out in various other sport related areas: events, healthy snacking, merchandising and even software licenses. Yes, software licenses!

As a start-up, we come to the table with a lot of ambition and business inertia. And we have the necessary funding to put these to the test. The founders? Mihai, an ex US/UK based management consultant to set up the business strategy and everything business related; Mora, a seasoned database expert to direct the back-end strategy; and Andrei, an expert hackathon tech junkie, running the front-end strategy. And there is additional help from our very controller, Marius, who lives and breathes anything binary.

What are we looking for?

Simply put, we are looking for two things: fit & ambition; and this is why:

  • Fit: we need to get along well together. As a small team in a start-up, we will be second family to each other. If there’s no fit, what’s the point in tormenting each other?
  • Ambition: because we believe it is more important to be driven to solve a problem, than to have the knowledge to do it, but lack the motivation. If you are driven, even if you don’t know how to approach something, we are sure you can figure things out; sometimes with our help, sometimes without

So even though it sounds simple, these two criteria we are considering are rather complex. And very important!

And by the way, did we mention you need to absolutely love sports? It is part of what we consider when evaluating your fit!

What do you need to know?

Not much to be honest, but first let’s get things straight: we are looking for a techie, as I am sure you can infer from the points below.

  1. In the front-end realm, your skill set should tick the following boxes:
    1. HTML : intermediate – advanced
    2. CSS: beginner – intermediate
    3. JavaScript: intermediate
      1. JQuery: beginner
      2. Angular: beginner
    4. NodeJS: beginner
  2. In the back-end realm, your skill set should tick the following boxes:
    1. Java – intermediate
      1. Spring Framework - beginner
      2. Hibernate – beginner
    2. Gradle/Maven: beginner
    3. MySQL, Oracle – beginner/intermediate
    4. SQL, PL/SQL – beginner/intermediate

By working alongside Mora, Andrei & Marius, you will be the main conductor of setting up ActiVFiX’s platform and subsequent guaranteed success. We are that confident, that we can say loud, clear and without any reservations that with or without you, this project will inevitably skyrocket. And this will happen very soon.

But enough confidence-talk. Other things we are looking for:

  • 2 years of post-graduate, relevant work experience (see the points above)
  • Graduate of a technical university
  • Good command of English language: reading and writing mainly, but you need to speak it also
  • Discipline in everything you do (attending meetings, writing code, organizing your work, cleaning your desk and even working out)
  • A shitload of initiative whenever things seem stuck; we’re a start-up, remember?
  • A positive attitude and a big smile on your face; we will undoubtedly do the same

What will you get out of it?

Well, here is where things get interesting. Because you won’t get any better! Ask around and you’ll see. Actually, we strongly encourage you to go interview, get other offers, compare to our potential offer and then decide. As for the details:

  • Above market fixed compensation
  • Attractive equity based variable compensation
  • Performance-based bonuses
  • A mix of office-based and remote work schedule; the perfect balance
  • Scandinavian style working hours; we really don’t want to stress you out
  • And the privilege to work with a pretty awesome team


Still thinking? Then please forget about the above and go work for a corporation! You won’t be missed :)