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Entry (0-2 ani), Middle (2-5 ani), Senior (5-10 ani)

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Adresa/ adresele jobului


• Independent C language firmware development for home appliance control units, according to business quality standards and consolidated standards    

 • Organization of system architecture, development and debugging with the use of electronic laboratory equipment     

• Documentation for support and production    

Job qualifications/requirements:

• Specialized Degree with 5 years of experience or Diploma with 10 years of experience    

 • Basic electrical / electronic and specialized training in embedded computing    

 • Understanding electrical diagrams, layout and core component knowledge     

• Knowledge of testing and production of electronic boards   

  • Capacity for problem solving and operational autonomy.

 Main occupation and responsibilities:

Embedded systems in real-time applications with 8/16 bit microcontrollers (NEC families, Renesas, ST, Microchip)   

  • Language C, appreciated in the interpretation of the resulting assembler    

 • Dimensionality with its compilers and IDEs    

 • Knowledge of the main methodologies of analysis, organization, and code maintenance (V-model, MISRA)     

• Knowledge of loads on common household appliances: actuators, motors, LEDs, LCD displays, solenoid valves, resistors    

 • Knowledge of the main driving methodologies in PWM, multiplexing, zero-crossing, triac driving.