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Could you be the next David Ogilvy?

We are a high-caliber advertising agency and we’re looking for the next copywriting superstar: a wordsmith with a craving for sales, strategy and persuasion who can help turn ideas into million-dollar projects.


A little something about us:


SavaBros may be little known on the Romanian market – but we’ve made history in the USA.

We started 5 years ago doing what we love: direct response advertising. In this short period of time we’ve made tens of millions of dollars in sales. More important, we’ve established ourselves as a publishing powerhouse in markets like survival, self-reliance, or self-defense.

We’ve built this company on core values related to constant growth, and to charting new, unfamiliar territories.

Over the years we’ve worked with extremely talented people: financial experts, special forces “green berets”, gardening gurus, doctors. And we’re aiming to become one of the best companies in the world in direct response marketing.


What you will do:

  • You’ll help generate ideas that make millions of dollars in sales
  • You’ll enhance your natural ability to write persuasively – so you can sell almost anything to anyone
  • You’ll do deep market research and help us uncover the next big opportunities
  • You’ll create long-form landing pages, sales video scripts, banner text, pre-sell articles, and other copy for websites – all of them in English
  • You’ll get to learn from the absolute best copywriters and online marketers of this world so that you can become one as well
  • You’ll help develop new marketing strategies

And if you’re great, you can eventually become head of your own product division. Meaning you’ll be your own boss… and you’ll get to hand-pick your own team to help you run an entire division alongside you.



Why you should be interested in the job: 

If you’re fascinated by human nature, and why people buy, you will love this job. The same goes if you like to grow and constantly challenge yourself. You will thrive here if you’re a natural learner – if you learn from your mistakes and use them to launch yourself to higher grounds.


Why you should AVOID this job at all cost:

This is not a “safe”, cozy job. If you’re motivated by security more than you are by learning and exploring, working at SavaBros is probably a bad idea. Around here we like to analyze our mistakes objectively. If you tend to take criticism personally, you will have a very hard time working with us. If you’re a rough diamond we’ll do our best to polish you.


Who we’re looking for:

Here are some ways to know if you fit the profile:

  • You’re good at simplifying complex concepts (.: you can teach rocket science to a 12 year old)
  • You are a lifelong learner. While money is important to you, you are more motivated by learning, growing and pushing your own limits. You read a lot and you try to learn from your mistakes.
  • You are a natural problem solver. You’re always thinking “is there a better way to achieve this?”
  • You’re driven by logic and reason. You consider your options objectively and don’t become overly attached to one idea or course of action.
  • You find it easy to connect two seemingly unrelated ideas.
  • You’re either very creative yourself, or it’s easy for you to implement other people’s ideas



OK so you think you’ve got what it takes to work at SavaBros. What should you do?

Step 1:

Send us your updated CV. Use this address to show off your super-powers: jobs at savabros dot com

Step 2:

Send us a short video where you tell us (in English) a few things about yourself. Nothing fancy: you can use your phone for this.

We’re interested in who you are as a person. What makes you tick? What are your strengths and your passions? Who’s your role model, who do you want to be when you grow up? And anything else that might help us understand why you’d do a great job as a copywriter.

If we think you fit the profile, we’ll contact you to set up a meeting so we can get to know each other better.