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Acumen is a Belgian Business Intelligence specialist. In Timișoara we develop and maintain solutions for reporting and planning problems using Business Intelligence tools. To support our growth, we are looking for a Management Assistant.

What’s it about?

Be responsible for all activities that make our company run.

This job is versatile. If you are looking for a lot of variety that is challenging and even complex, where you learn the ins and outs of everything that makes a specialized service company run, then this is your job. A smart and proactive person who likes to be responsible.

What do we have in mind:

  • Performing the monthly closing:
    • Time sheet and invoicing process;
    • Preparing payroll and accounting documents;
    • Monthly financial and operational reporting.
  • Continued Care:
    • Preparing the data for our monthly client reporting;
    • Designing and maintaining the reporting that we communicate to clients each month;
    • Manage the schedules for support and holidays for our continued care business line.
  • Office Management:
    • Research, order and manage equipment, events and activities;
    • Keep the plants and people alive in our office;
    • Administration for employee, supplier and client contracts;

It would be perfect if:

  • You assume ownership and get things done;
  • You have basic knowledge of accounting and finance;
  • You can learn semi technical tools like IBM Cognos Analytics and SQL.
  • Only Bill Gates is better with Microsoft Office then you;
  • You are not afraid of picking up the phone and calling around;
  • Your eloquent and phantasmal English will flabbergast us;
  • Attention to detail is your second nature;
  • People praise you for turning chaos into structure;
  • You have a driving license;
  • You are an open minded and positive person.

Your role is crucial for the efficient operation of our company and you will be regarded and respected as such, in return we expect you to take that responsibility.

Why should you?

Joining ADC is joining an ambitious young company, a growing company in a growing market. Our philosophy is to build a team of individuals where everyone can flourish and excel with high degrees of independence. It is only as such we can excel as a BI company. We don’t do short term, we’re in it for the long haul.

Our company culture is where one is open-minded, direct, dedicated and very serious about his or her work. We are equally serious about offering a stimulating working environment where each individual can excel, gain respect and be rewarded as such.


Apply and we’ll contact you to find out if both our aspirations and ambitions can result in a bright future.