Adresa/ adresele jobului



  • Organization of workflows
  • Planning of capacities
  • Management responsibility
  • Scheduling responsibility
  • Quality control and quality responsibility
  • Responsibility for safety and health
  • Customer contact
  • Documentation of performances
  • Helping out the staff members with their activities at the service station

 Activities of a staff member working at the service station:

The activities mainly include overhauling of used milling rollers for which craftsmanship skills are essential.

When doing so, the following work steps are required:

  • Cleaning of the rollers
  • Determination of damage
  • Grinding of the milling surface by means of a cylindrical grinding machine
  • Realization of the corrugation by means of a special machine
  • As to the smooth rollers, blasting of the milling surface by means of an automatic blasting machine
  • Quality check of the rollers and documentation
  • Wrapping in anti-corrosion film
  • Packing for dispatch into crates / on pallets
  • Securing of load
  • Loading and unloading of trucks by means of forklifts