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A developer is seeking a general assistant for a construction site on which will be built a school campus. The candidate will be in charge of the following subjects:

  • Ensure the project’s document control needs (main task)
  • Implement the Health and Safety policies on the site during construction
  • Manage the “day-to-day” tasks related to the good functioning of the site, such as administrative matters, filing of permits, follow-up of construction budget, site procurement (not related to construction), etc.

The candidate should:

  • be fluent in English and Romanian (Written and Spoken);
  • have basic accounting knowledge;
  • be able to interact with suppliers, contractors, authorities;
  • be  well organized, with a good knowledge of Word, Excel and Outlook;
  • be able to keep accurate records, archive, files with contracts, invoices.

Document control tasks will include:

  1. Attend meetings and prepare the minutes of the meeting.
  2. Agree and establish a document management system.
  3. Develop and maintain a log for all correspondences, including contracts, payments, design drawings, their revision numbers, submittal dates…
  4. Compile tender documents for the main works, and distribute/log all tender queries and replies.
  5. Assist in developing the procedure manual and ensure its proper usage by the Contractor.
  6. Prepare a log and follow up on obtaining all Contract submittal requirements and their expiry dates from the General Contractor (insurance bonds, performance bond, guarantees…)
  7. Transmit all submittals to the Client’s Other Consultant(s) for approval and other parties, as per an agreed work flow (pre and post-contractMonitor and report the expediting of their processing and approval.
  8. Prepare and maintain a daily log of all communications in writing to enable the Consultant and the Client to ascertain the status of any contract submittal at any point in time and to record all other communications, including all shop drawings, product, data, samples and other submittals.
  9. Obtain certificates of insurance from the Contractor(s). Check that Insurance Policies remains in force throughout the period stipulated in the Construction Contract and obtain copies of receipts for payment of premiums and forward them to the Client.
  10. Log all field inspection, site visits, submittals, daily reports… and monitor them in a manner to avoid any delays by sending reminders prior to the expiry of the established review period (in collaboration with the Project Manager)
  11. Prepare monthly construction progress reports for the Client, in relation with the Project Manager, including but not limited to a narrative on status of the development and critical issues that must be resolved, a copy of the latest master schedule, a listing of the Contractor(s) submittals and status, a summary of the latest construction cost, budget and the number and amounts of variations, the value of commitments and payments certified to date, Contractor’s claims and any other aspects of the development process having cost implications, the latest cash flow report with revised cash flow forecasts, and progress photographs.
  12. Monitor and log the compilation and preparation of all records and close out all documents.
  13. Ensure the availability, at all times, of a complete set of as-built and record drawings, specifications, operation and maintenance manuals and warranties.
  14. Assist the Client and the Client’s Other Consultant(s) during the defects liability period; establish logs for all the snags, fixing defects that appear and fulfilled all his obligations under the Construction Contract that require to be fulfilled prior to the issuance of the defects liability certificate and the release of the defects liability retention or bank guarantee.
  15. Compile and update a log which will document the final walk through punch list, date and amount of final payment to the contractors, certification of delivery of final as-built drawings to the Client, government departments, or other party(ies), receipt of all warranties, Operations Manuals, and Maintenance Manuals, document database, quality control records, and the client’s acceptance of the Project.

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