Nivel cariera

Middle (2-5 ani)

Limbi vorbite

engleză, rusă

Adresa/ adresele jobului

Salariu aproximativ brut oferit / luna in euro

700 €

Acest job nu mai este activ.

Candidate profile

Fluent English is a must

Basic/fluent Russian is a large plus


Accounting & finance experience: > 3 years is a must, > 5 years is a plus.

Experience shall be in a company related to real trade and/or production of goods (not necessarily oilfield services).

It may be a job in a consultancy, who assisted to such companies. But it shall be not a job in a company which was engaged only in services without any inventory.

Prior experience may be:

a) chief accountant

b) finance controller in a small company

c) deputy/assistant finance controller

d) auditor

Solid accounting knowledge is a must.

Candidate shall demonstrate understanding of:

a) difference between accrual (recognition of expense/income and/or liability/asset) and payment of cash

b) value-added tax: which elements of financial statements are shown net of VAT, and which are shown inclusive VAT?

c) which expenses are capitalized into cost of an asset (. of inventory or of fixed asset)

Basic knowledge of IFRS or US GAAP is a must. Candidate shall understand the following notions:

a) cost of inventory: average vs FIFO

b) principles of recognition of revenue

c) classification of expenses as production (cost of sales) vs overheads (general & administrative)

Business understanding: candidate must be able to read contracts, business correspondence, other commercial documentation and be able to deduce its core (the most substantial data).

He or she should possess knowledge of how businesses normally operate; for example, that:

a) each business has a working capital cycle based on payment period of receivables, payment period of payables and turnover of inventory

b) such payment periods depend on contractual terms - which are stated in contracts/purchase orders etc

c) payments are operated through banks via electronic means by a duly authorized signatory

Skills of work in Excel: pivot tables, filter, formulas. Candidate shall explain such Excel functions as VLOOKUP and SUMIF (in Romanian localization they may sound differently).

Candidate must understand the flow of warehouse and logistics documents: waybill, goods receipt note, dispatch note etc. He shall understand what is a "serial number", give an expanded answer how he or she would organize accounting for dismantlement of goods into spare parts [the employer has its own methodology; but candidate's ability to think out of the box is highly appreciated.


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