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Middle (2-5 ani), Senior (5-10 ani)

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Minimum Knowledge and Skills Required to Perform the Job:

  1. At least 3 years experience as a dispatcher.
  2. English – proficient level.
  3. Computer literate.
  4. Strong leadership skills with the ability to solve problems quickly and efficiently.
  5. Ability to identify and constructively make recommendations regarding operational improvements.
  6. A positive attitude and excellent customer service skills.
  7. Strong written and oral communication skills.
  8. Flexibility to work day/afternoon shift.


Dispatcher Daily Responsibilities:

  1. Log into Zeacom immediately and stay logged in and available to take incoming client calls
  2. Check on prior day’s activity using Universal Work Queue. Insure jobs marked CPLT are indeed done.
  3. Communicate any last-minute scheduling changes for current day via phone and/or email to Client, FOM and Technician.
  4. All confirmations with client jobs must have SR notes with detailed information that it has been scheduled with client (who, what, when, etc.) and email was sent to Technician and FOM.
  5. All information must be notated on the SR at all times.
  6. Review all new Dispatch tasks via Dispatch Center
  7. Constantly work to make your Techs as efficient as possible.
  8. Check and resolve all conflicts in the schedule.
  9. Adhere to subcontractor process document if using a subcontractor.
  10. Review the next day’s service route with Technicians
  11. Complete your daily schedule for the following business day no later than 2 hours before close of business for reviewing and mapping.
  12. Balance workloads between Technicians.
  13. Always evaluate and prioritize workloads / removals / upgrades / surveys /Premier/Platinum / Drive Thru paging down and all normal service activity.
  14. Create a scope of work for EACH trip (1st and any return trip). The scope of work must be always inserted in the notes.
  15. Maintain and work the Universal Work Queue throughout the day.
  16. Attendance on the weekly FOM/Service Delivery conference calls is mandatory.
  17. Keep Buyer’s Work Center (BWC) up to date and managed.
  18. Follow the Backup process when backing up another team member or if they are backing you up.
  19. Participate in team meetings and maintain a polite and professional relation with colleagues.
  20. Participate in trainings that are set up by superiors.



  1. Communicate with Supervisor/Manager or Process Manager for any pressing matters.
  2. Work with Technicians and Subcontractors to make sure daily schedules are updated in real time.
  3. Respond to all requests, messages and emails within 6 business hours and by the end of the day.
  4. Respond to ETA questions within 6 business hours.
  5. Keep a cordial and professional working relationship with the FOM and technicians anyone in the company and amongst the team.
  6. Establish a good communication and working relationship with Project Coordinator for the markets.


Premier/Platinum Accounts / Drive Thru Accounts:

  1. Schedule all Premier/Platinum account service orders according to Premier/Platinum procedure.
  2. Schedule all drive thru account orders accordingly.
  3. Understand drive thru priority codes and schedule accordingly.