DevOps engineer/ Cloud Admin

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Senior (5-10 ani), Middle (2-5 ani)

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About the company
VeridiumID is a Digital Infrastructure Security Company devoted to developing highly secured Identity Assertion Platforms.
Headquartered in New York City, research and development labs operate in Bucharest, Oxford and Boston.

The B2B platform has multiple integrations with: major European and North American Banks, online retailers in Western Europe, access security systems, online mobile apps.

We are looking for:
DevOps Engineer

The Project
BOPS is a standard for identity assertion designed “in-house” and adopted by implemented the standard in an identity assertion platform for B2B and a Biometric protected password manager and a digital document encryption manager.

Server Technologies: Java Server, Restful API with secure communication protocols, Big Data, NoSQL, Automated Testing jUnit, Biometric Enabled Clients.

Potential for growth and innovation:
Working in the cloud computing team
Evolving field of data security
Big data


DevOps engineer, for us, represents one of the central actors in a company environment, being responsible for developing automation and analytical tools which support the daily operational requests. They behave like a developer, by building automation or analytics software tools, which are combined with operational requirements of a software product, by designing end-to-end integration, deployment and delivery architectures. In our company, DevOps engineers find it challenging and exciting at the same time to deal with the technical operational problems, not having only SysAdmin responsibilities, but also being focused on creating new automation tools.

Technical Skills 

Programming Knowledge

As languages the requirements are Python and Bash scripting. As a programming paradigm, sequential programming and OOP are a must. We will not mind if a more software oriented DevOps, who knows Java, Scala, Go or other programming languages, applies.


Cluster DevOps Knowledge

Cluster, for us, represents more than 5 physical nodes interconnected and a software stack of minimum 3 products. The full stack configuration as knowledge is required (deployment of physical nodes, network connection, software configuration and so on)

Orchestrated Deployment, Automated Configuration, OS Configuration are a must. For proof we ask the candidate projects working in one of these Automation Platforms, but not limited to: Ansible, Chef or Puppet.


VM Platform Knowledge

Even if AWS is more than trending nowadays, we only ask knowledge in AWS Console Management Tools.

Other platforms, on which we will put accent are, but not limited to: VMWare or CloudStack. What we ask from you as knowledge is: VM architecture, memory management, memory sizing, VM administration and so on.

Being an expanding company we consider it a plus Docker Containers and Kubernets working knowledge (not mandatory).


Networking Knowledge

If the above requests are fulfilled, then you prove to us the networking knowledge. But for the purpose of a JD we ask CCNA 1 and 2 from our candidate.