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Data Scientist

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Middle (2-5 ani), Senior (5-10 ani), Executive (>10 ani)
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Full time
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Engleză - Avansat , Română - Avansat
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1250 - 2500 €
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Work on implementing the future. Build software for well-established sectors we are experts about, and in which there’s lots of space for cutting-edge innovation. Either building products, dealing with data, making predictions or deploying systems, you will be part of a project that is shooting for the stars.


We have actual big data. Work on solutions for larger-than-memory datasets, make models, generate predictions, succeed. We are using the frameworks everyone’s talking about (and probably more!), so either if you are a Tensorflow or RabbitMQ magician, or a novel AI practitioner, CRESMART is the perfect place for you to thrive!


Expertise. Over 15 years of experience in the data analysis / prediction sectors and the gambling sector. Help us with our international launch in 2021 of a software that will be used by millions, and that will strive to be a worldwide phenomenon.


A vibrant environment. Our team has grown ostensibly in, and we strive to keep growing in 2021. Join a start-up: that one with a real start-up vibe! You’ll work closely with experienced people as well as brave juniors; both with specialized profiles and cross-domain people. Either remote or from our office in Cluj, either from Romania or any other place in the world: our team ranges 4 timezones already!


We value talent and experience at whatever you do, but the next types will be extra-valuable to us:


Data science ninjas. These folks use their bayesian abilities with balance and considering every possible pitfall. Ninjas know the theory, so they can predict that your predictor will be wrong, and why. They also know that a lone ninja is only a ninja, but sharing knowledge instead can build up an army. In short: we like team players and leaders! Pandas, Dask, LSTM, Transformers, ARIMA and Timeseries are some techniques in their pocket.


Database architects. First there was the ER model and then there was software. You will help us capture, save and structure our data in such a way that “efficient” will be a poor compliment. You will work on different APIs for different products, APIs shared by different products, FastAPIs, websockets, persistent PostgreSQL, Redis and RabbitMQ queues. The Alpha and the Omega of our systems.

What? (detailed responsibilities)

For data analysis. We have Tb of data, and counting. We intend to build predictive models for timeseries data, and we do active Research and Development on that regard: experimental design, causal and empirical modeling methods, model explainers... Our data science team combines experience with motivated juniors, and we love testing out new things. TimescaleDB, RabbitMQ, Dask, Tensorflow are some technologies in our pipeline.


For databases. We have various projects being developed in parallel, but we always try to build those that interplay best with each other. This means lots of database design, data gathering, structuring, and analysis. One project of ours is based on “real-time” data (websockets), while others in plain SQL databases. PostgreSQL, RabbitMQ, fastAPI or even Django and Mongo are some of the things we’d love you to know about.

Our company

CRESMART ADVISOR was founded by two spanish guys in 2019. In 2020 we have grown from 3 people to, and after some time working on our projects, we are eager to launch our products to the market earlyur founders possess a great deal of experience in the gambling sector, with a strong network of associates, and we are confident that our products can find a good market fit. Join just as we start a journey full of opportunities, in a year that will be full of excitement!

Other open positions

Tell your colleague from college that we are also searching for:

  • frontenders,

  • database architects,

  • project managers.

Tech list and requirements:

  • Linux

  • AWS

  • Tensorflow, Pytorch

  • SQL, NoSQL, Timeseries dbs

  • GitHub

  • GPUs, TPUs

  • Docker

  • Pandas/Dask

  • Message traders (RabbitMQ, Kafka, Redis or similar)

Valuable extra tech knowledge:

  • GitHub CI/CD (Github Actions)

  • Rest APIs (FastAPI, Flask, Django)

  • Kubernetes

  • Go/C/C++

  • Hadoop