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Yuncheng Plate-making (RO)

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Strada Conului, 14, Ploiești, România

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Yuncheng Plate Making Group was founded in, being the first professional cylinder producer in China. Until, Yuncheng Group had 83 branch manufactuers, which included 54 factories in China and 29 oversea branches, 77 of them producing cylinders. More than 450 gravure machines and laser gravure machines from Germany, USA, Switzerland, Israel and Japan represent the equipment of Yuncheng Plants, which brings a yearly production capacity of over 2 million cylinders of all kinds. The group has more than 76% market-share in China and stands on the first place relating the capacity of production among global cylinder producers, which makes it the largest professional cylinder producer in the world. Yuncheng Group has more than 20 thousand employees and a production value of more thandollars, and is situated among the top 100 enterprises of China.

Yuncheng Plate-making (RO) SRL belongs to Shanxi Yuncheng Plate-Making Group. It was founded in 2008 with a capital of 5 million euros.
Yuncheng Plate-Making (RO) SRL is located in Ploiesti, Prahova county. The industrial park takes great benefits of its central location and go-in-traffic solutions.
The products of the company include cylinders used for plastic and paper packages like cigarettes, alcohol and all kinds of decoration paper, wallpaper, leather, labels and lids.