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W.A.G. payment solutions RO S.R.L.

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Splaiul Unirii, 76, București, România

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WAG payment solutions,appearing under theEurowag (EW)brand, ranks among the largest European providers of payment solutions for road mobility. During their travels across Europe, the company makes it possible for customers to pay for toll, fuel and other services at favourable rates, securely and cash-free. On top of this, it allows them to provide quick refunds on excise tax and VAT on payments carried out abroad. Eurowag customers range from carrier and haulier companies, to the recent addition of companies operating fleets of passenger cars. Eurowag is the technological and innovative leader in the branch and ranks among the fastest growing businesses on the European market.

The company’s main product is itsEurowag fleet cardwhich is designed for carrier and haulier businesses. They use this as a cash-free payment tool to purchase fuel, toll and other accompanying services. All at favorable conditions.