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Veridium, formerly Hoyos Labs, has been working for years on reducing or eliminating identity as a major attack vector, replacing the vulnerable password with a biometric authentication. Powered by an unmatched legacy of biometrics R&D, Veridium solutions help organizations to increase security, reduce fraud and cut the costs associated with passwords and traditional multifactor authentication solutioWhether it’s nation-state spies intent on stealing information or cybercriminals looking to make a buck, hackers are prowling the web looking for security weaknesses to exploit. The most common attack method remains weak passwords. According to a recent report by Verizon, 63 percent of data breaches would have been stopped, or hackers would have been forced to change tactics, if a suitable replacement to passwords had been used. Passwords are flawed. That’s why Veridium has assembled an all-star team of developers and computer scientists with a singular mission: eliminate passwords completely.  Instead, your face, your fingerprints, and your voice are your passwords.

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