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In Oras / Judet / Tara

UnifiedPost România

4.33 din 30 ratinguri

Strada Coriolan Brediceanu, 10, Timișoara, România

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UnifiedPost. Building Intelligence into Business Transactions
Join a new kind of (R)Evolution
(™) built in Timisoara

UnifiedPost is leading a quiet, cloud-powered revolution in business communications and transactions. We see the world as one big cluster of business user communities. In each community, users exchange transactions, invoices and other documents -- anytime, anywhere. We use scalable technology to package intelligence into business communications, giving users convenient, app store-like modules.

UnifiedPost is an independent company: our vision is literally built into our platform, powered by technology and inspired by Agile. It is taking shape in Timisoara as we speak.

We value openness and passion, alongside hard work, creative and clear thinking under pressure. Join us and make your voice heard.