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Timișoara, România

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The Care Hub stands for a dignified and meaningful life at any age because we believe that the wisdom and experience that comes with age can and should be shared, with care and respect, with all of us.

We use technology to deliver people-care services in a safe, timely and reliable manner by connecting people of all ages in need of care with recently retired people in need of meaningful activity and an additional income. We aim to increase the quality of life for people in need of help and increase social inclusion of recently retired people.

Our core team includes:

  • Mona, our founder, whose respect and care for the elderly combines with 10+ years of international strategy consulting experience to provide clarity of direction for our start-up
  • Despina, our head of operations, who brings the social entrepreneurial spirit from her 5+ years with NESsT and her personal charm and discipline to create order in our daily activities
  • Alice, our Recruitment and Community Analyst, who brings her natural affinity for people and an outstanding psychology background in the daily interactions with our partners to help us build a community based on trust
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