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București, România


TELEINVEST ROMANIA SA is specialized in comprehensive trading platforms, including all relevant features like OMS/EMS for buy-side and sell-side, covering multi-asset, market and currency functionalities, SOR, Algorithms, market making, MIFID compliance, audit trail, basket trading, etc. We develop proprietary high performance technology, thus offering clients unique stability, reliability and coherence, coupled with competent after sales services and speedy customer support.

TELEINVEST Romania SA designed and built its proprietary technology at a time when electronic securities trading started in Switzerland and Europe, in the mid 1990’s and now is considered by many as the tailor-made approach individual solutions for the financial industry. We believe that vital qualities of a trading system, like stability, reliability, performance and modularity can only be guaranteed if the technology used is controlled 100% in-house.

Overyears of trading platforms experience in Switzerland with international Banks encourage us to look for our team expansion. We keep investing in the necessary know-how of our own and experienced specialists in the field of real-time transaction, securities trading, capital markets, mathematics and computer science.

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