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Târgu Mureș, România


TechStartup SRL. is young company founded in 2017 with the mission of empowering young developers to create exceptional websites that create value both for our clients and their final

We truly believe that small teams can make bit things happen, and that the best product a company can have is its

We love those lazy bastard developers who know how to find the simplest, cleanest and easiest solution no one else would have thought about, but also those perfectionist who know what pixel perfect really means and will not give out a product of their hands unless they can proudly say that its their work.

Are you ready to challenge the current Gods of IT and be part of a young and dynamic startup? Be there in good and bad in health and sickness and build a company with us together? Thank join our team, WE HAVE COFFEE! 

While our monthly paychecks at the beginning might not be as high as a veteran IT company's and surly we can not compete with a multinationals welcome packages, we promise to you that we will grow together and newer forget to apreciate what you do.  

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