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Silicon Service

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Strada Vlădiceni, nr. 66, Iași, România

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Silicon Service has been active in the Romanian IT sector for over 20 years, delivering the highest quality ASIC design and design verification services to world renowned clients.

50 engineers, operating from two locations, work with the greatest level of care and dedication to keep our promise to our partners – that we are indeed one of the top players in the field of semiconductor development, anywhere in the world.

This is why our partners have trusted us along the way to deliver only the best and beyond when it comes to specific outsourced services, such as support in developing new generations of graphics cards and Digital Design Verification.

We are closely tied to local universities, as our doors are always open to students who come for courses and even become interns in our company.

We’re helping shape a future in which technology will be a key part in improving the lives of everyone. Therefore, we are also heavily focused on people.

Our strong belief is that Trust, Courage, Involvement, Ambition, Passion, Life, Harmony and Happiness are all cornerstones of our culture here at Silicon Service.

We love technology and we’re proud to push its boundaries further every day!