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București, România


Siemens is one of the most important technology companies in Romania with a presence of 115 years on the local market. Siemens has made an important contribution to the modernization of transport systems and the energy sector, to the efficiency of industrial processes and has provide cutting-edge medical equipment for hospitals.


Located in Brașov, Cluj-Napoca and București, Siemens R&D activity is represented in România by Siemens Advanta Development and Siemens Technology teams. Scientists, engineers and software developers support Siemens in fulfilling the demands of digitalization.


We deliver product development services for hardware, software and engineering, in the field of energy, industry, e- mobility and smart infrastructure. Also, we are experts in IT services and solutions, where web, mobile and SAP based applications are being developed and tested by our engineers. Our research  and development teams are active in the fields of Electronic Design, Business Analytics, Cybersecurity and Embedded Systems.


The production is represented in Romania by the factories located in Sibiu and Buzias. They are  generating innovative solutions in design and manufacture of electronic equipment for industrial power electronics and control units for domestic devices, support services within its competence strengths: product development (PLM), logistics and production (SCM).

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