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The SHW Group is an enterprise with an uninterrupted metallurgical tradition. The roots of the present-day SHW Group go back to the year, when work began on the smelting of iron ore in the Swabian Jura. The company's development into a technological leader in the production of vehicle components contributing to a reduction in CO2 emissions results from an awareness of being rooted in a long tradition, accompanied by a readiness and desire for change and innovation.

 Currently, the SHW Group has five production sites in Germany located in Bad Schussenried, Aalen-Wasseralfingen, Hermsdorf, Tuttlingen-Ludwigstal and Neuhausen ob Eck, sites in Brazil (São Paulo) and China (Kunshan) and a sales and development centre in Toronto (Canada). Due to its drive to grow its international presence, the group added a new production site in Romania.

The SHW Group has two business segments: Pumps and Engine Components and Brake Discs.

In its Pumps and Engine Components business segment, the SHW Group produces pumps for different areas of application. The products for passenger cars, for instance, include variable oil pumps, electric pumps for hybrid vehicles and further CO2-relevant engine components. The SHW Group product assortment also comprises pumps for Truck & Off-Highway applications, as well as electric pumps for wind power stations. Further important components for engines and gearboxes are also produced. 

Customers of the SHW Group include leading automobile manufacturers, manufacturers of commercial, construction and agricultural vehicles and other automotive suppliers.