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  Sumitomo Electric
Bordnetze GmbH
(SEBN) is part of Sumitomo Electric Industries Group. The shareholders of
Sumitomo Electric Bordnetze GmbH are Sumitomo
Electric Industries
and Sumitomo
Wiring Systems

SEBN belongs to the Sumitomo Wiring Systems
(SWS)/Europe segment within the automotive division of SEI and operates from 21
locations in 14 countries.

Sumitomo Electric Bordnetze GmbH (SEBN) is one of
the leading companies for wiring harness development.

SE BORDNETZE SRL is part of Sumitomo
Electric Bordnetze GmbH, employing over 2,400 people and supplying to VW Group
(VW and Skoda). The main activity of SE BORDNETZE SRL is the manufacture of
wire harnesses used in automotive electrical distribution systems.

The company
offers the opportunity to build and develop a career in a multinational, professional environment.

If you consider that
your education and experience fits our requirements, please send us your
application and let's complete our team with YOU!