United Shipping Agency (part of COFCO International)

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Constanța, România


United Shipping Agency has been established in 1993. It is now part of Cofco International, a world-class agriculture supply chain company.

United Shipping Agency offers specialized stevedoring services for grain cargoes at Constanta and Constantza South ports.

The high level of grain crops obtained in countries like Hungary and Serbia and increasing levels of crops in Romania, the Constanta port infrastructure, connected to the Pan European Transport Corridors: river Corridor no VII, railroad Corridor no. IV and road Corridor TRACECA, made Constantza port an important gateway for grains in the Eastern Europe and an ideal place for a stevedoring company such as ours to flourish.

Besides flat storage warehouses at berth no. 102 of 80 thousand tons capacity and storage barges of about 30 thousand metric tons total capacity, we also have a 230 thousand metric tons capacity modern silo at berths no., 32 and 33. The silo, recently built, offers the highest performance at Constantza port in terms of cargo loading rates.

The terminal is capable to simultaneously load two Panamax vessels and discharge one vessel or to load one vessel and discharge two. The terminal has two ship loaders, each capable to load at a rate of up to 1300 mts per hour. Compared to the usual rates, this reduces the duration of ships’ call and translates into important savings on the cost of the freight for cargo transport by vessels.

The barges can be loaded / unloaded in a matter of hours - rather than days, making them quickly available for their next employments. Our terminal also allows significantly faster loading and discharging of trucks and rail wagons into storage through the conveyor belt system. The loading / unloading rates for trucks are about 2 x 350 mts per hour and up to 1000 mts per hour for railcars. One whole train can be discharged in only two hours. Our automatic sampling station and electronic weighing scales further reduce the time spent by trucks in the port and consequently the costs for trucks operators.

Our high capacity grain dryer/conditioner offers extended flexibility for the suppliers, allowing out-of specification parameters to be optimally adjusted (excess moisture and foreign bodies are removed) and then such cargoes to be accepted for storage.

We welcome you to contact us:

United Shipping Agency
Constanta Port, Berth no. 31
Constanta, Romania

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