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The ability to adapt and adjust to different cultures and ways of doing business is a defining element of the company culture at Romelectro.

Romelectro is known as EPC contractor for energy complex projects, investor, business and project developer in Romania and abroad.

Romelectro relies on the experience gained and continuously improved during 47 years of national and international projects in the energy field — power generation, transmission, distribution, environment and industry.

Implementing a policy of expansion of offer and services, between 1995 and 2006 Romelectro became the major shareholder of ISPE and Electromontaj Carpati Sibiu companies.

As a General Contractor, Romelectro can currently assume complex projects in any power segment. The consolidation of the position in the power market refers to the enrichment of the internal capabilities that leads to excellence in execution.

As investor and business developer, Romelectro initiated highly efficient cogeneration and renewable energy projects, building up the technical and financial base for developing and multiplying such projects.

We strive to make the energy processes simpler, safer, sustainable and cost effective, strictly following in our EPC Contracting activity several values assumed by all the members of our organization:

  • Development, promotion and transfer of new technologies;
  • Meeting the schedule
  • Meeting and safety quality standards;
  • Meeting local labor needs and strengthening the local economy;
  • Cost saving