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Our values

The AVP association was founded on the basis of values, principles of behaviour and action implemented daily by its shareholders, managers and employees to guarantee the emergence and the development of excellent trust and working relationships between the agencies of the AVP, their staff, their customers and their suppliers.

In this context, the AVP is particularly committed to the following fundamental values:

Respect for their employees:

The AVP favours qualified employment, as well as the training and the development of their employees, in particular in the Geneva region.

Sense of responsibilities:

The shareholders of the agencies of the AVP are directly involved in the daily management of their companies ; they are dedicated to working and assuming these responsibilities in the long term.

Respect for the customers:

The AVP places the customer in the centre of all its concerns and always privileges personalized relationships.

Respect for the suppliers:

The AVP considers that its relations with its suppliers exceed the simple purchase of goods and services; it maintains honest, impartial and loyal relations with all its suppliers and wishes to offer them opportunities of success in a spirit of mutually beneficial relationships.

Environmental protection:

The AVP makes a commitment to look for and to facilitate the best standards of environmental performance.