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Zeiss MES Solutions SRL (ZEISS Group)

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Strada Aida, Timișoara, România

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Zeiss MES Solutions SRL is a subsidiary of Carl Zeiss MES Solutions GmbH. It is a provider of MES software solutions for production industry in Germany and worlwide.

The success of the internationally renowned enterprise is based on the Manufacturing Execution System GUARDUS MES.

The solution allows to carry out complex development projects in-time and in-budget, to accelerate the total lead time and the inventory wait time and to reduce stocks. All these with the guarantee of maximal quality and customer contentment.

For this purpose GUARDUS interconnects the world of Computer Aided Quality and production data collection and mirrors all functions integrated in a MES-solution.

GUARDUS optimizes the whole manufacturing process with both decreasing error rates and production costs: from the development, supply and production through the supplier coaching and complaint management up to audits and the central action management.

Furthermore, the integration of all relevant data from measuring and testing systems, production facilities or ERP- and PPS-applications accelerates the total lead time and the turnover of inventory.

The enterprise culture of Zeiss MES Solutions gives opportunities for the employee’s individualism, support creativity, by respect, loyalty, and free thinking.

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