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SC Greif Flexibles Romania SRL

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Negrești-Oaș, România

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Greif Inc. is a global leader in industrial packaging products and services. Company Greif Flexibles Romania SRL (former Storsack), became part of Greif group (FPS-Flexible Products and Systems), beginning of our products are destinated to a large range of industries such as: agriculture, building industry, minerals, and many other. Greif has approximately 13K employees in more than 200 operating locations around globe.

If you are looking for a rock solid global manufacturing company committed to continuous improvement, one that knows the power of lean and if you consider that your education and experience fits to our requirement look for Greif Flexibles Romania SRL!

Greif FlexiblesRomania has two locations Negresti Oas County Satu Mare and Botosani.