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In Oras / Judet / Tara


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Ploiești, România

SC ENGECO ROM SRL , is a company that performs in activities multidisciplinary engineering in the Oil & Gas, Power Generation, Refining and Aotomotive through the use of the most modern systems of three-dimensional design while maintaining a good relationship between quality and cost.
In Ploiesti in particular is a great tradition in Oil & Gas. Prestigious colleges make over a century, engineers, technicians, foremen and highly skilled workers in this industry, which is vital to the national economy .
Inside the offices the engineers develop the activitis in mechanical and electro instrumental design , using sophisticated 3D modeling systems .
Our company policy since the beginning of our work is to seek maximum satisfaction of our customers. We are committed to always better meet their needs through high quality standards and development of products and services with high added value.
We seek to continually improve and to work as efficiently as possible in order to be competitive and make more competitive so our customers.