sandyan trans

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Brăila, România


      SC SANDYAN TRANS SRL is a privately owned company offeringq uality services in transport by road, both for import and export purposes, with MTMA < tvans.

We offer full truck loads, express / dedicated vehicles and groupage services. Shipments from/ to any European location with:- dedicated vehicle- non-stop service- live gps trackingperation all year provide international express delivery, full / part load and groupage delivery with tvans, GPS monitoring, sealable, equipped ADR. Besides the fleet ,technical and managementteam experience is added, serving our clients to the highest standards of quality andprofessionalism.

Weekly Capacity :tons - mainly on routes France, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Poland,Netherlands, UK, : 5-10 sprinters / day per optimize costs by performing commodity groupings for customers.           

  We work with other transportation companies to find the best solution for our are always at your disposal to provide you with the best transport solutions for both fullload and for the occasional partial or groups.