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In Oras / Judet / Tara

SABS Network

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Strada Colonel Langa, 17, Iași, România

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  • We are delivering IT services, with consistency and continuity, to companies willing to stand out through the software technology, while ensuring that the transformation takes the right direction.
  • For each of our US and Europe based customers we prioritize advanced on top of the right mix of labor- and capital-intensive technology. We add passion, professionalism and care over the full life-cycle of our projects.
  • We continuously innovate and improve our delivery process for a better differentiation of our software development service being it consultancy, creation or transformation, implementation and maintenance.
  • Our managers, software developers and testers have a great experience working for global, multinational companies. We focus on our employee’s continuous professional development and we focus on client through our commitment for quality, security and reliability.
  • Our organization is dedicated to sustainable growth, in order that you, our partner on the journey, can find us always there prepared for the next challenge.
  • We encourage our personnel and clients to adopt solutions with a responsible approach towards society and environment and to value the long-term partnerships and innovation as part of our long-term success. A successful future means seamless collaboration on a ground of trust, integrity and respect.