Drobeta-Turnu Severin, România

OTR Consulting is a group company of Euro Tyres Manufacturing
A top producer of giant OTR and earth mover tires, dedicated to contribute to global mining industry by developing giant OTR tires, especially manufacturing 25’’, 35”, 49’’, 51’’, 57’’ and 63’’ tires. With the opening of its plant in Romania, Eurotire has now become the first manufacturer to have an earth mover tire production facility with high capacity output in Eastern Europe and the latest giant radial tire production technology in the world. 
Although Eurotire has been developing, manufacturing and selling tires under the Eurotire brand only since 2002, it has a Research and Development (R&D) history that extends to over 25 years. With tens of thousands of tires supplied directly to major OEMs, equipment leasing and site operators around the world in its brief operating history, Eurotire has proved itself as an effective partner for mining groups and operators.
In the autumn of 2007 Eurotire chose to invest in the purchasing of an already existing factory, which was then modernized with the latest technology in order to align it with the global requirements and meet very high product quality requirements. 
The Romanian plant is the only one of its kind in Eastern Europe to implement the latest radial OTR tire production technology, as a direct response to changing market trends in consumer needs by integrating cutting-edge technologies resulted from R&D efforts.

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