București, România

Aplica Distribuie

Infiintata in 2016 LIMA LOGISTICS SRL este prezenta in toata Europa si TURCIA, avand peste 5 puncte de lucru si cca 62 angajati cu o cifra de afaceri de peste 5 millioane EUR. In Europa suntem prezenti in Bursa si Eskisehir din Turcia,si in Romania Bucuresti si London Statele Regatul Unit al Marii Britanii și al Irlandei de Nord

The subject of in fairy tales with the magnificence of Uludağ, Turkey's gateway to the world to İstanbul with its geography…The capital of the date yesterday, today's automotive industry and textiles is shaping the city Bursa. We have taken our logistic steps out of here. Ported values present in the past. Our goal is your brand, your product that your values to deliver reliable, lasting and far as quickly. Because our work is speed, because our work is efficiency and innovation. Better service but the best way of meeting the needs of customers to reach with our own policy, we have adopted a customer-focused, innovative and dynamic service. '' The meaning of Lima such as (the goddess of Beginnings) in a manner worthy of the beauty, the size of the property and we're trying to be. Lima Logistics; trained staff ship your products via air, sea or road freight, plans and creates the right conditions in order to be the desired destination in the promised time. Lima Logistics perform its service with "project, methods and operations" three stage logistics structure, the current situation analysis, project implementation, such as after you pass the stage of operation the basic requirements. In order to be a global brand, we have established our branches and supply our services in Bursa and Eskişehir in Turkey, Bucharest in Romania and London in United Kingdom. We are ready to be your logistics partner…