S.C. BRUSCH Services S.R.L.

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Strada Tipografilor, 15, Sibiu, România

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BRUSCH Services is an European software and IT consulting company. As a long lasting partner in providing great value nearshoring and outsourcing IT services, we take pride in supporting companies in their quest of finding and establishing flexible sourcing solutions, overcoming a temporary gap of personnel and decreasing costs.

Overall efficiency of companies increases as their interest in using our full spectrum of international IT services capabilities proves them we are committed to succeed. Well educated, experienced and multilingual IT experts are bound to earn great projects allocations, with temporary or permanent onsite 's not rare we see such first steps rapidly growing into long term nearshoring/remote projects collaborations, all building the foundation of a truly rewarding partnership.

BRUSCH Services not only delivers results, we also educate and care for the values our clients hold dear and esteem. The long lasting experience of the founders and its partners assures each and every collaborator of making the best decision in an unique experience of success.