RITCHY EU s.r.o.

Praga, Republica Cehă

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Visionary, dynamic and progressive — this is how we could define RITCHY in a few words. From modest beginnings in mid-2009, Ritchy has become a leading worldwide technology company, that designs, develops and sells e-liquids and e-cigarette products in more than 85 countries.  

Having 4 business units (US, EU, China, Russia), 2 own manufacturing facilities in Europe and China and the determination of 350 professionals all over the world,  allow us to have strong position among other brands, while staying in close touch with all our partners and consumers. 

Smoking kills more than 5 million people per year. Among the five greatest risk factors for mortality, smoking is the single most preventable cause of death. We believe that by delivering a perfect vaping alternative to smoking our products and services can help millions of people from smoking and harming themselves.

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