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The Recognos group of companies develop complex systems and products mainly for the Financial Industry. In the last 3 years the focus was shifted in providing solutions using the emerging semantic technology. Recognos invested and continues to invest in the R&D activity in this area and implemented already solutions that prove the huge advantage of this technology. Recognos strongly believes that the time for this technology came and will hit the mainstream in the next one to two years. Recognos is one of the main promoters of this technology in Romania.

Recognos, Inc. (US) was established iA year later our Romanian office, Recognos Romania, SRL was created. Recognos is comprised of many enthusiastic and dedicated individuals. We pride ourselves on the efficiency of the global teamwork between the Silicon Valley Office, Romania, and New York through our partners at Recognos Financial..

Over time we have learned that in order to be successful one needs to create interesting and value-oriented products: we keep this goal as our most important objective.

At Recognos we encourage our team members abroad to develop quality of life and work with excitement and an understanding of the value of innovation. We believe that for true success in business everyone should be enthusiastic and interested in what they do.