Power Medical

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Comuna Tureni, România


Power Medical is a new company in the Romanian market founded by people with a vast experience in the Emergency and ICU field, regarding medical equipment and device servicing.
Our mission is to provide quality products and efficient service to our customers.
• Integrity – we are honest, we respect the laws and we honor our commitments.
• Innovation – we are open to new ideas and we encourage initiatives that favor progress.
• Quality and professionalism – we promote the culture of the work well done, by competent and responsible people.
• Social responsibility – we identify and put into practice solutions in order to ensure the safety, comfort and personal development of our employees.

About us:
The company was born in the will to be a strong and committed provider of medical equipment and service for the medical filed specialists. With a big experience regarding devices such as: defibrillators, ventilators, anesthesia machines, patient monitors, infusion systems, suction devices, incubators, ambulances, electro surgery, etc., we wish to offer our customers quality products, that help doctors and medical service providers to fulfill their mission to the patient treatment.

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