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Chișoda, România


The company name, "PLASESS", stems from the deep desire of combining the fundamental concepts of "planning" and "success". As the name indicates, our company is built upon the philosophy "Plan and immediately implement" and, starting with the foundation of Mori Mold Factory in, we have gained the trust of our customers by performing constant and prompt actions, based on a detailed and careful planning.

Through an integrated system which employs an extended variety of techniques, our company manufactures a wide range of products, starting with mold design for plastic components, and continuing with the production, injection molding, pressing, painting and assembly of plastic parts.

Plasess (Romania) started the activity in 2010 in Timisoara wishing to stay in Romania on a long term. We also encourage our employee’s long term staying in our company by offering competitive salaries, pleasant work environment and a package of benefits and bonuses.