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București, România

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Crowe PayOut is a company specialized in HR services - Payroll, Personnel Administration, Recruiting and open offices in Bucharest, Timisoara and Cluj-Napoca, PayOut has gained the trust of more than 120 companies with approx. 4500 employees with its innovative model of payroll outsourcing. The values that differentiate PayOut services, keep the retention rate at almost 99% and our customer’s satisfaction at 94% are the following:Technical innovations - guaranteed by one of our "parents" Zucchetti, a 240 millions euro/year software provider, leading IT&C Company in Europe; High level of organization - guaranteed by the other "parent" Boscolo & Partners, a leading consultancy company in Romania with more than 100 employees. Flexibility - we adapt our services to our customer’s requests, in PayOut we don't have a "standard service", all customer requirements are treated as an inspiration for innovative ideas and increasingly sophisticated focus - Problem solving attitude, courtesy and availability are not only some soft skills for us, we are fully dedicated to these principles in order to ensure that our customer experience will be always a pleasant one.