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The company was established in 2010 and specializes in creating programs addressed exclusively to the corporate sector. The courses follow the development of language skills and their application in the actual job and life context.
Open Education® is one of the most important companies specialized in foreign languages corporate education courses. 
Since the first day, we have set ourselves the goal to be one of the best and reliable language services providers on the corporate market and we have succeeded. We have decided to remove our students' frustrations with regard to communication barriers in a foreign language and to encourage them, at all times, to develop their language potential to accomplish their own goals: a promotion, a better job, delegations abroad, successful presentations / attending meetings in a foreign language and so on.
The Open Education® company is the result of training activities for over 16 years and management activities for over 8 years. Our qualification and training courses are provided nationally by a large team of trainers, and the experience gained over the years has helped us to organize, conduct and successfully complete extensive projects proposed by the beneficiary.
Open Education® uses the communicative approach teaching to develop speech fluency in using language in daily life contexts. Techniques used in this method are based both on verbal and written communication, while cutting-edge materials are selected to support the interactive nature of the lessons. 
Open Education, Romania, 2017

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