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In Oras / Judet / Tara


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Strada Uzina ARO, 223, Câmpulung, România

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NOBEL Automotive Romania is part of Turkish group ORHAN Holding. As a design and production company specialized in fluid transfer, NOBEL Automotive has partnered with major auto makers for the past 30 years, includes almost 8000 employees all over the world and is now extending its operations in Romania.
Our values are :
We value our customers above all.
Our people are our most important assets.
We combine plastic, metal and rubber technologies to create high value solutions that exceed customer expectations.
We are experts in plastic and rubber extrusion, forming, metal bending and assembly.
We work honestly with a superior business ethic.
We are an international and multicultural team.
We manufacture on a global basis.
We are passionate and entrepreneurial about our business.