Hasna Global

Cluj-Napoca, România

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Detalii companie

Hello! We are Hasna. 

We build cool tech and love our work. We are relentless in pursuing our goals and constantly growing. 


Who we are

We are a team of makers, operators, technologists and relentless thinkers. 

We believe delivering a great product is the best and only way to make a difference.

We welcome people who think the same and invite them to join our story.

Our values

In a world where everyone wants to make the world a better place, we want to go much further.

We want to transcend time. We want the things we do and the stories we leave behind in this life, to be seen and heard by our grandchildren's grandchildren. 

We look after each other, we learn from our mistakes and we know that in order to achieve something great you have to offer something great to the world.

We are tough, and yet we are fair and constantly seeking excellence in everything we do.

These simple values are the core of our foundation.

Ask yourself. Innovate. Do good.

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