Modpack System

Ploiești, România

Modpack System   provide, Integrated Export Services as following:


  • Engineering & design for packaging;
  • Export packing services ( including additional materials);
  • Industrial relocation of factories or production lines form any field of activities ( mechanics, electrics, automation ), with assembling and start-up in new location where ever in the world!    
  • Equipment handling with our own machines : cranes , forklifts, roles
  • Storage and manipulation;
  • Loading and leashing in sea containers/trucks;
  • Maritime /Air/ Road transportation all over the world;
  • Oversizes transportation (we’ll have our own truck and oversizes platforms)
  • Authorized services for assistance of Oversize transportation ( we have our own specialized operators)
  • HT treatment according to NIMP 15, Fumigation treatment and related export certificates;
  • Support for customs / commissioning formalities;
  • Lashing into container /trucks and related lashing survey certificates


We have 3 factories/logistic center in Europe, headquarter is near Bucharest (Ploiesti) and the other two branches are in Cluj/Romania and Prague/Czech Republic. In the next period we want to expand our business also in other countries.

MODPACK SYSTEM . is our factory in Czech Republic, near Prague, which provides intelligent and complete packaging solutions for our partners, integrated with a high degree of customization and successfully responding to the diverse demands for export packaging and industrial relocation. The products and services offered by us are suitable for all types of transport (road, sea and air ) and are applicable in various fields: automotive, oil & gas, metal, machine building, electric power, automation, chemistry, food industry,...

Designed and developed for the competition in the field of industrial packaging, our products and services have managed to impose on certain market segments, bringing in our client portfolio

Our goal is to rich a top position among the European companies specializing in manufacturing wooden packaging and packing services, for export and industrial relocations, within the next few years.

Please, find more information in the attached presentation and on our website


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