MiOS Romania

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Bulevardul Poitiers, 16, Iași, România

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MiOS, LTD. is a global software and hardware
company focused on developing and distributing in over 65 countries advanced home automation solutions for both regular households
and small, medium and big enterprises.


Our worldwide acknowledged product is Mi Casa
Verde, which has the mission to provide home control and home entertainment
solutions that are far simpler to setup and use than currently sold products,
and which are extremely energy-efficient and Eco-friendly.

Mi Casa Verde iuilt on the MiOS
platform, which is our software platform designed for medium and big enterprises that want to partner with us and sell their own customized “smart home”
solution. What distinguishes the MiOS platform from the rest and makes it
attractive for hundreds of thousands of user is the fact that it’s open. Hundreds of
passionate developers take control of their solution and personalize it by
developing new apps, UIs or plugins that they publish on our own Marketplace.


Since the company's foundation, in, the
MiOS office located in Iasi has brought together a growing team of young and
talented professionals in an inspiring environment based on the highest
standards of excellence.


The quality of our innovative platform is
reflected by the quality of our team members, thus we make a strong commitment
to our people and provide the help and encouragement that allows individuals to
forge a career as a skilled professional in a fast moving company.


MiOS is expanding fast. As a result, we are
always looking for professionals with the drive and determination to succeed.
Team members are always involved in the planning and development of new ideas
and innovative solutions so we expect from everyone to make a difference.


We are proud of our work culture and friendly
environment and are always interested in individuals who are the same as us:
open to each other, strongly result driven, loyal, proactive and adaptive, but
also informal and fun to work with.