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Minutizer Europe ltd.

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București, România

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Minutizer is a multicultural, multi-product and brand, 7 years old startup. We are a fintech company with 3 major products sold B2B2C and B2C under multiple brands serving multiple industries from telemedicine, esoteric, adult entertainment and fitness. We work remotely from different cities in Romania, The Netherlands and LATAM. We are a team of 27 people, the majority being in Bucharest at Tech Hub. Minutizer is a self-funded Romanian startup with a global focus. We designed and operate the only pay-per-minute billing system focused on Skype. We're growing fast and we have even bigger goals. Minutizer now has 2 products launched and running (SkyPrivate and ChargeDM) and one in progress. These products helped us to be present in a multitude of industries, like Telehealth, Entertainment, Sporting, Psychic and Media.

Minutizer is the Paypal for time. is the P2P pay-per-minute for live online interactions. Pay-per-minute plugin for Skype video/audio calls and for your personal phone calls. We bring the payment where real human interaction already happens on Instant Messaging applications like Skype and GSM and Discord. We developed a system that allows the customer to pay-per-minute for the time and knowledge provided by a service provider on a video/audio call.