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Buzău, România

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Meyvaert is one of the world's largest manufacturers of museum display cases. We help clients achieve cost-effective exhibition solutions that incorporate the latest technologies and concepts. Our people work in integrated multi-skilled project teams, combining their outstanding abilities in design and technology to create a finished product that combines structural quality with aesthetic beauty.


Meyvaert is the Belgian market leader for fully glazed fireproof doors and partitions. Our project team can tackle the most creative and complex architectural designs. Our cad designers are engineering every project to order. We are developing and officially testing our innovative solutions ourselves.


Meyvaert is the specialist in the physical protection of people against armed attacks with the use of security glazing. We develop, test, manufacture and install fully glazed bullet- and burglar-proof installations. The major banks in Belgium are our clients. We have already protected more than 2000 bank branches.