Lugera - The People Republic

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București, România

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"...Lugera - The People Republic, can I help you?
...enthusiastic and gregarious! ...helpful and present! ...young and
smart! ...ah, almost forgot: also good-looking!...
This is in a nutshell the Lugera - The People Republic team in Romania. Like our
colleagues in the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, Armenia, Poland and
Slovakia, we are a bunch of dedicated, happy people ready to face in a
natural, positive and friendly fashion all your challenges... a bunch of
people at the service of people, unconditionally!
You will find with Lugera - The People Republic the most wonderful HR company,
long-term commitment, full-time dedication on the job, as well as the most
extraordinary parties ever.Whenever in need of a genuine & devoted long-term partner and friend, call
us! ...You will sense the eagerness in our approach to be flexible, highly
innovative, sharp, non-traditional, supportive and pro- active...! You
will feel we are here for you...!...Thank you for calling Lugera - The People Republic! ... and paramount important:
Address: 98 Vulturilor Street, Grawe Building, Gdistrict no.
3, Bucharest;
mail to: ;
at .In urma furnizarii datelor cu caracter personal, conform legii
beneficiati de dreptul de acces, interventie asupra datelor, dreptul de a
nu fi supus unei decizii individuale.
Totodata aveti dreptul sa va opuneti prelucrarii datelor si sa solicitati
stergerea acestora.
Prin inregistrarea acestui curriculum vitae sunteti de acord ca Lugera &
Makler sa prelucreze datele cu caracter personal declarate.
Societate autorizata ca si Agent de Munca Temporara seria B nr
dininregistrata in Registrul National de Evidenta a Agentilor
de Munca Temporara cu nr. 42."