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București, România

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HPS is a leading midsized space company and central provider of subsystems as reflector antennas, large deployable reflector subsystems, deployable drag-sail subsystems, lightweight structures, thermal control hardware and multilayer insulations (MLI). Headquartered in Munich, it has a subsidiary in Bucharest (Romania), where MGSE, metal structures and metal thermal hardware components are developed. HPS is also well renowned as prime contractor in the field of space subsystems for European Space Agency ESA, the German Aerospace Center DLR, as well as for the „blue chips” of the European space industry. Up to now HPS is onboard 15 space missions, a more recent one (June 2018) is an IOD-flight of a deployable sail module onboard Electron, the NewSpace Launcher of RocketLab (USA). Space services of HPS also cover the complete range from design, analysis and development to assembly, manufacturing and testing of new technologies on demand. With outstanding engineering capacities, highest flexibility and customer orientation HPS is one of the fastest growing technology drivers in the European SME industry.