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Dragomirești-Deal, România

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The company was founded in 1957 by Oskar Lapp with ÖLFLEX® the first
industrially produced signal cable in the world. Today Lapp Cables
produces cables and conductors for different industries and markets:
mechanical and systems engineering, the automotive industry, MSR
technology, electrical and installations engineering, EDC and more.

Cables products are primarily produced in the Lapp Cables group's own
production plants. We currently supplystandard items from
stock. We also develop and produce cables and conductors to customer

The Lapp Group has 17 production sites, 100 outlets and 41 sales organisations around the world. We employ 3,150 people.

The Lapp Group
combines the structure of a global network of companies with the
distinctive strengths of a family company. There are five good reasons
to choose the Lapp Group.

Together, Oskar and Ursula Ida Lapp have created a
family company with an international reputation and renown. As the
founders of a unique industrial success story they are an example for
future generations, employees and friends:

With hard work and
enthusiasm and a clear view of the essential, and with perseverance
they are a model of focus, discipline and pioneering spirit - for the
good of their customers and the future security of the company.

Oskar Lapp died of heart disease in 1987, the company continued to be
led in his spirit. Entrepreneurial foresight, an unwavering commitment
to the company's interests and an absolute demand for quality are his
legacy which lives on to this day.

His two sons, Andreas and
Siegbert Lapp took over the management of the family business and have
led the operation since then with their mother. From their childhood
they have known the business and appreciated the meaning of responsible
business behaviour.

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