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DN6, Timișoara, România

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Kimball Electronics is a global contract electronic manufacturing services (EMS) company that specializes in durable electronics for the medical, automotive, industrial and public safety markets.
Kimball Electronics is well recognized by customers and industry trade publications for its excellent quality, reliability and innovative service. From its manufacturing operations in the ., Mexico, Thailand, Poland, China, and Romania (at start-up), Kimball Electronics provides engineering, manufacturing, and supply chain services which utilize common production and support capabilities to a variety of industries globally.
Kimball Electronics is headquartered in Jasper, Indiana.

Kimball Electronics Romania is at start-up stage in, and in this year we are building not only the infrastructure, but the CORE TEAM!
If you feel comfortable with your regular job, with a day to day approach and with expectation that someone will follow your activities in micromanagement, we wish you the very best and a good career path, as it is very probably that we are not going to be colleague!

As an unique stage of a company, START-UP we are looking for colleagues ready to get out of regular jobs and rather create their own: we are looking for colleagues that are willing to contribute and get involve, are ready to easily slide from one area to another, interested in creating procedural frame and, as a general approach, are not afraid to fail, but either to succeed!

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